Education and dedication are the keys to your success.

Ideal Wellness is a lifestyle, health and education center, dedicated to helping our clients lose weight, develop healthier lifestyles and live more enriched, fulfilling lives.

We believe that every individual has different dietary, wellness and lifestyle needs. That’s why, at Ideal Wellness, we personalize a weight loss program specifically for each client. We’ll teach you how to eat food that nourishes and heals your body, increases your energy level and helps clear out brain fog for more focused thinking.

We also know that losing weight is just the beginning. Unlike most weight loss companies that say goodbye to you as soon as you hit your goal weight, we understand that is the time the real struggle begins. Our coaching team will help you learn–and own–how to stabilize your weight and enjoy your new lifestyle. We’ve helped clients all over the U.S. find what works best for their bodies and their day-to-day lives. By coaching you through your weight loss journey and the first six months of your maintenance lifestyle transition, we’ll make sure your bad habits don’t return and you stay on your path to happy.

We want you to live your optimal life.

More services than other weight loss and wellness clinics



  • Body composition analysis
  • Body measurements
  • Lifestyle consultation
  • Personalized nutrition plan
  • Individualized goals
  • Meal planning
  • Practices of self-care, growth, discovery
  • Personalized maintenance plans


  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • One-on-one goal setting
  • Weekly review of journal/goals
  • Virtual coaching for weight loss, health & lifestyle
  • 6-month maintenance coaching


  • Flexible hours
  • Coaching videos weekly
  • Email, phone & text support
  • Private group support (Facebook)
  • Recipes
  • Educational classes
  • Weekly Coaches Corner tips (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Monthly group support sessions on food choices and lifestyle habits

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Ideal Wellness

Ideal Wellness