Halloween Survival

We all know what’s coming up this week, Halloween! Are you ready? It’s a fun time of year to dress up, carve pumpkins, and spend time with friends and family. Unfortunately, candy is bound to be everywhere you look (in stores, at home, and at work.) Over the years, we’ve helped our clients stick to a strategic plan that not only helps you survive Halloween, but it also helps you feel ALIVE on Halloween. We all know what a sugar crash feels like, and that’s quite the opposite of feeling alive.


1.Plan to Succeed

First, create an intention for the day and write it down. For example, “I fully intend to stick to protocol, eat foods that fuel my body, and ignore all the sweets in sight.” Visualize yourself successfully getting through this day and how proud you will feel.

2.Don’t Skip Meals

This is the most common bad habit that we all tend to fall into sometimes. Don’t think that eating light all day, means candy at night won’t have an impact on your weight. It definitely will! Stick with your usual way of eating. If you’re going to a party, eat your whole protein and veggies right before you go. Walking into a party feeling full always helps us stay strong in front of tempting foods. Keep in mind that eating even small amounts of sugar can spike our insulin which causes weight gain.

3. Don’t say, “I’ll only have one…”

We all know this is a slippery slope. After just one bite, your brain’s reward center lights up, causing you to want more and more. If your intention is to stick to protocol 100%, then tell yourself it’s just not worth it to let one piece of sugar take the driver’s seat and steer you into Crave City. If you intend to give yourself permission to have something, then make a plan of what it is, how much you will have, and when you will have it. Make boundaries and stick to them.

4. Plan Out Phase 1 Friendly Sweets

Choose your favorite sweet or salty products to have on Halloween. We have created two amazing recipes that surely satisfy the biggest sweet tooth. Make them ahead of time and have them on hand for the big day.

5. Use Your Support System

Lastly, if you need extra support, text your coach or any of us here at Ideal Wellness. Don’t forget, we all go through very similar struggles! We are here to help you succeed and feel your best.
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