Short On Time, Then Listen!

One of the best things I ever did for myself was developing a love of listening to books.  I can listen on a plane, in my car, while doing laundry, waiting for appointments – anywhere, anytime. Not having any preconceived ideas on how fast or how long I need to read for allows me to slip it in more often.

As I strive towards keeping my mind, body & spirit healthy, learning has been vital.  It seems the more I know about the effects of food, how my body functions, supplements and what they do, understanding hormones or even subjects like how to avoid EMF’s or how to block blue light to sleep better, the harder it is not to pay attention and apply it in my daily life.  It doesn’t always stop me from doing things that are not in my best interest, but it does make me think twice.  And the more I practiced doing things differently; the more my habits have changed.

For example, reading The Secret Life of Fat was an eye-opening experience.  It helped me understand that fat does have a “mind” of its own.  Which is part of the issue with gaining weight back after a diet.  Reading Daring Greatly help me realize we are all more alike then we know and we need to be vulnerable to experience true connections. We have a large selection of books on our shop page if you are in need of recommendations.

Many of us have given up too much time to social media.  Which only adds to the self-loathing, comparing yourself to others and not feeling satisfied. Try to set limits around how much time you will be on social media and schedule time to take care of yourself. Enjoying a good book while in the bath or even during your daily commute to and from work is great.  My favorite app for listening is Audible, and I highly recommend it. It is linked to Amazon which allows you to earn credits towards books. Here is an opportunity to receive two free books.

It is important to understand that change is possible.  You just have to be willing to continue to work at it.  We didn’t learn to read or know how to solve a math problem overnight; it took years of practice.  It will take time and patience to reinforce these new habits you are looking to create. So be kind to yourself, be understanding of yourself and be your own biggest cheerleader. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU!



Ideal Wellness

Ideal Wellness