Low Carb Bread

“I could never give up bread!” This is one of the most common roadblocks I hear people putting up for themselves the minute they find out they would have to give up their favorite Wonder Bread if they want to follow a low carb lifestyle.

Most Americans tend to eat some sort of sandwich or bread at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all three. For example, eggs on a biscuit, toast or croissant, turkey sandwich at lunch, wheat roll at dinner. The list goes on and on. First off, many classic types of bread are full of empty calories with little nutritional value. Most contain sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and a long list of ingredients and preservatives that no one can pronounce. The carbohydrate count could range anywhere from 35-50 grams of carbs per sandwich which could definitely induce an insulin spike in the body and ultimately lead to fat storage. In the long run, you won’t be missing out on anything once you read on to discover how to make your own nutritious low carb bread. All of the versions contain only 1-6 grams of carbs per serving, keeping your blood sugar levels stable and your waistline in check.
When you enter the world of low carb bread options, there are endless ways to tweak recipes! You could say I am the queen of recipe tweaking. First, because I enjoy putting my own twist to things, and mainly because I  never seem to have all of the same ingredients the recipes call for. To go low carb and eat “what you want”, you must become flexible with what you cook, and how you cook it. If you become rigid in your ways, you may fall into a rut and get bored. When you learn to alter recipes, try new ingredients, or even just look up different types of recipes, you realize it is pretty easy to create low carb “comfort foods”.

Keto Mug Bread & Low Carb Sandwich Bread

The first two recipes are most commonly used by our maintenance clients. Each one can be whipped up in a matter of minutes. They both contain healthy proteins and fats from almond flour, coconut flour, grass-fed butter, and eggs. The pink Himalayan salt brings all the flavors together and gives the body essential minerals it needs for proper electrolyte balance.
There are countless ways to use these light and fluffy slices of bread in your weekly routine. In the morning, try using the Keto Mug Bread in place of an English muffin or toast. Simply layer two rounds with eggs, grass-fed cheese, and spinach. Ditch the high carb everything bagel for lunch and instead, try making the Low Carb Sandwich Bread with everything seasoning. You can find everything seasoning blends at the store, or you can easily make your own by combining pink salt, black pepper, minced dried garlic, minced dried onion, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds. Need a healthy “texas toast” to go with a spaghetti squash dinner? Make the Keto Mug Bread, slice into 4 rounds and grill them on a skillet with grass-fed butter and garlic powder. Enjoy!
If you are on our weight loss protocol, we have ways to make low carb breads. Ask your coach for more information.
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