Michelle’s Journey: Reset Button

I’m over a year into the program and 100 plus pounds later; the weight is coming off more slowly (because of my choices). That hasn’t affected my motivation though. I’m sure we’ve all hit those roadblocks where you want a bite of that forbidden food. I have to admit I’ve taken a few, but I knew enough not to jeopardize my progress. My willpower has to come into play when everyone around me is indulging. In those weak moments, I think about how far I’ve come, and how lousy I felt for so long. It just feels so good to wake up with the desire to accomplish tasks during the day. I love having energy! So every day I remind myself that I used to live in a rut and think back to my poor health. That helps me to remember it is not worth giving up on how I feel for a small taste of those foods.  Having these thoughts help me to continue to recommit to this new lifestyle. If I do slip up, I don’t beat myself up as I would have in the past. I send positive vibes to myself and I know, I got this! “One day at a time” this is my new mantra. 

So, I hit the reset button and it felt good. And here’s how, this past week my coach was out, so I met with Susan, it was just the wake-up call I needed. We discussed all the little changes (deviations) I had been doing to alter the IDEAL protocol which was now MY protocol, which was not getting me the results I wanted. For example, I had been dipping my fork in ranch dressing, Susan suggested I forget the ranch and use EVOO with ACV or EVOO with a little fresh squeezed lemon juice. I had also been eating over my allowed amount of protein (which I got away with when I was 100lbs heavier), this small increase began slowing down my progress. Susan also brought to my attention that I was not staggering my Ideal foods throughout my day and that eating two just before I went to bed was slowing my weight loss down also. 

So now, I am back on schedule, eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, and one snack in the evening. At my weigh-in yesterday, I was down 3.2lbs for the week. I have not had a significant loss in quite a while. It just goes to show you what happens when you honestly follow the Ideal protocol 100%,  you will get 100% results! I am now only 3lbs from my next milestone, unbelievable! I have renewed efforts to try new recipes in Janeva’s cookbook to “stay the course” until my next goal and beyond. So my advice is, don’t think after a significant weight loss that you can start to adjust the plan or add any little things. Even small licks, tastes, and bites can wreak havoc on your system. Sometimes we need the voice of reasoning or brutal honesty to shake us up to put everything back into perspective.

After all, we came to Ideal Wellness for guidance, let the coaches guide you. It may not always be what I want to hear, but when I came to Ideal I didn’t understand how to lose the weight and make healthier choices, so I need to stay focused, give the time to continue to learn and let them teach me how to reach my goals. It’s nice to know, they got my back, always!

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